Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

Hey everybody,
how are you?

As I promised there will be some footage uploaded.
Today we had a short presentation where we showed a little preview.
Right at the start we had some technical problems because my iMovie was kind of hiding itself.
Don´t why....I must have used a shortcut I didn´t know, but in the end I got it right.
and we could present our stuff.

We actually did the video in like 45min before the class was going to start and I think we did it quite well.
So convince yourself: -> follow here!

Actually we have 2/3 of the footage we need.
But today the camera was booked. Don´t know exactly if it´s free tomorrow but we hope so.
It´s just the footage for the busride missing.
The rest is quite useful and it should be possible to get a good video out of it.
I´m really looking forward.

We have a free day tomorrow so we can meet to do some video editing on the final version.
Maybe there will be an upload with a short part of the original but I don´t want to give you too much stuff because otherwise you can look forward to see the complete video.
Would be boring if you already know everything;)

So yes, what else can I say?!?!

The postcard for Graphic Design is more or less in its final stadium.
The background is completely done and it´s just a part of the foreground left.
When I´m done with it, I will show you!

Ok that´s it for today.
Hope you like our short video and...
see you next time:)

Creative ideas!!!

Just some creative ideas!