Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Portfolio online!!!

Goede middag allemaal,
Right now I published my portfolio.
Essentially it is meant to be a collection of all my works for my study "Creative Technologie".
So you´ll find a link to our interactive video, you can have a look at the different things I did for
Graphic Design. There is link to Wikipage aswell, but of course you need an account so get access to that.
It´s basicly a another portfolio for my programming things.

On my new portfolio you can also find the first essay for "we create identity".
The other essay will hopefully follow later this day.

Here is the link!

Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Interactive Video Project is DONE!

Hey everybody out there,
sorry because it´s been a while since I posted the last time, but I was very busy with working on different projects.

But finally I can tell, that we finished our interactive video project last Thursday.
It took us a lot of time to work on it, but finally we managed it and I think the outcome is quiet good.

The presentation of all the videos was placed on last friday. After the morning class of  programming some students of us headed to the Smart XP Lab to help building up and preparing everything we needed for a successful Exibition.
At 15:30 we met in the Smart XP Lab and invited a lot of professors, parents and friends.
Unfortunately many parents couldn´t come due to they had to work too long.

Although we extended the event from 18:00 to a later point in the evening, the best visited time was right at the beginning from 15:30 to 18:00.
The event was organized in 3 rounds (because we had 9 groups).
That´s just because we had only 3 big screens so we had to share those with the other groups.
So in each round there were 3 groups presenting and each round was set to a duration of about half an hour.
After this half an hour there were the next 3 groups to present their video and so on.

We had food and drinks sponsored by the UT, so nobody needed to starve^^

Unfortunately our professor had to leave before the end but because the most visited time was from 15:30 to 18:00 he didn´t miss a thing.
After 18:00 there was not much to miss because all the people already went home and just we as students and some others were left.

To come to an end, have fun and enjoy our video!

Click here.
Hope you like it!


Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

Hey everybody,
how are you?

As I promised there will be some footage uploaded.
Today we had a short presentation where we showed a little preview.
Right at the start we had some technical problems because my iMovie was kind of hiding itself.
Don´t why....I must have used a shortcut I didn´t know, but in the end I got it right.
and we could present our stuff.

We actually did the video in like 45min before the class was going to start and I think we did it quite well.
So convince yourself: -> follow here!

Actually we have 2/3 of the footage we need.
But today the camera was booked. Don´t know exactly if it´s free tomorrow but we hope so.
It´s just the footage for the busride missing.
The rest is quite useful and it should be possible to get a good video out of it.
I´m really looking forward.

We have a free day tomorrow so we can meet to do some video editing on the final version.
Maybe there will be an upload with a short part of the original but I don´t want to give you too much stuff because otherwise you can look forward to see the complete video.
Would be boring if you already know everything;)

So yes, what else can I say?!?!

The postcard for Graphic Design is more or less in its final stadium.
The background is completely done and it´s just a part of the foreground left.
When I´m done with it, I will show you!

Ok that´s it for today.
Hope you like our short video and...
see you next time:)

Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Hello people out there,
it´s about 9 PM and we just finished filming for our interactive video.

We changed the story a little bit. So our protagonist is not working at the bank anymore, but coming from another place in the Netherlands with the train.
He arrives at central train- and bus- station here in Enschede and from that point everything is as it was meant to be.

So today we were filming the second day; yesterday we did the walking part (and of course we forgot one scene...) and today we handled the cycling part.
Although some scenes were hard to do, I think we managed it pretty good and got nice useful material.
At least I hope so due to I didn´t see the material yet.
The hardest scene was the car crash, because.....we couldn´t find any volunteer to crash into our bike.

No, of course we just pretended to do so, but the timing part was actually not easy.
Whether I was too fast and Nick was too slow or right the other way round.
But in the end it started raining more and more so we had to hurry up
->we didn´t want the camera break!

After we quitted the scene at my place we got upstairs to my room and discussed how to go on the best.
Actually we have still a lot to do.
Choose all the songs were going to use (and the viewer can choose in the playlist), discuss the different perspectives we going to use at the bus ride filming, how to use some of our material the best way and where to fade out and stuff, but that is already the editing part.

Furthermore we watched a pretty amazing video which I got from a friend and I wanted share it with you guys aswell. It is a very good mix of a lot of different movie scenes cut together and it is excellent editing work.
I strongly recommend watching it:
So here is the link: -> Enjoy!

Finally we took Sharah to the station.
And now it was raining so hard I got wet to my skin in like 3 minutes.
I had to change all of my clothes when I was back home again.

Now I´m sitting at my "desk" aka. lunchtable, sharing my impressions of the day with you!

But now I have to see the material we got today.

Next time I promise to upload some short movie scenes. Of course without the interactual part;)

So everybody have a nice evening.
See you next time
-> remember the video uploads

Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Welcome everybody, 
today we´re going to start filming for our interactive video.

Our main character is supposed to be a man working at a bank, who gets home in the late afternoon, or early evening after an hard, long working day.
So we meet at the central station at 17:30 and start filming at the ABN Amro.

As we promised there will be 3 modes to choose who you want to go home.

The first option is to go by bus. This will actually be the fastest and safest option.
You enter the bus, sit down, maybe listen to some music and you wait until you have to get off the bus.
Walk the rest home and that´s it.

The second option is to go by bike.
Of course this is the most dangerous way to choose. You take your bike after a long day at work, you´re annoyed by everything and just want to go home.
Maybe you already want to listen to some music during the ride so you turn it on. But the problem of listening to music is you eventually don´t hear horns of a car and you´re distracted a lot.
So there is the danger to get run over by a car and that´s the end.  Whether you´re dead or send in to an hospital for a long time if you´re lucky.

The third option actually is to go by foot.
That is way safer than taking the bike, but you still can become a victim of a robber.
You will have to choose between fighting the robber and give him you money and iPod voluntarily.
If you want to fight him you might get knocked down and all the money, iPod and stuff is gone aswell.
After some time you will wake up again and get home without all your stuff and you´re very angry due to that.

So I´m going to upload some short previews for you so you know what it will look like in the end.

So, see you later

Montag, 27. September 2010

To keep you up to date I uploaded the results of our work on the interactive video. Tomorrow
there will be another meeting where we discuss how to go on.
We´re definitely going to start filming this week and I there will be some short previews here on my blog in the following days. Depends on how we´re going to manage the filming.
Due to we´re planning to film during the night-time

Here you can have a look at our short promo video:

We also put our storyline online on the create.eliens.net-site under Urban Mayhem but here you can also look at it:

Montag, 20. September 2010

Hey guys,
it´s 13:02 here in Enschede and it´s during the break between two classes of "we create identity".

Everybody sitting around here is eating and I´m using the time to put up a new post.

After the last different posts you read, which were all about projects or moods or only describing days,
I just decided to tell you guys more about me and my interests.

Think I didn´t mention ist but I like almost any kind of watersports. So there is included windsurfing, canoeing, skimboarding, swimming, sailing.
And after some time I became interested in building boards or boats.
I became interested in shapes and different materials in order to design and to built my own boards and boats.
Due to I had no chance to build a boat, I did design and build my own skimboard made of foam and glasfiber. It was a really dirty job but I´m glad I can tell you that it works very well. Way better than I expected it to do.
At least this is just one of my hobbies, doing technical things, like building surf- or skimboards, making broken things work again, get computers run again, what ever.

Beside this I also like just sitting in my room and listening to my music to relax.
For me this is actually the greatest thing to do after a long day of work. You come home, everything is going on your nerves, you get some food, turn on the music and just sink into the music and enjoy the guitar sounds and drums.

The next thing I really like is technical challenges and getting things run and surprising other people with it.
It is an awesome feeling to do something other people really like and what they can use with passion.
Great experience in my life.

Ok, now I´m running out of time. The next class is about starting but hold on.
I´ll continue tonight.

Creative ideas!!!

Just some creative ideas!