Montag, 30. August 2010

Welcom everybody to the first blog I ever created.
So please be patient with me, if something is wrong;)

My name is Christopher Biniasch and I´m 20 Years old and I come from Hamm, near Dortmund, Germany.
My Hobbies are probably any kind of watersports, just like canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, swimming and stuff.
But I also love working with my computer and try to create new things like technical stuff, furniture or web pages and at least simulating those new things with photoshop etc.
Actually I´m studying Creative Technology in Enschede, which is right behind the borderline to Germany.
The university here is really nice, due to all the green places, the forests, the little lakes in between and at least because of the really modern and advanced buildings.
Everything´s pretty clean and most of the administrative things are pretty well organized and managed.

Ok, so let´s get started...

Opening this Blog is the first assignment I got in my student life.

And yeah I`m going to tell you something what my life is all about and how my dreams for the future look like.

My dreams for my later live are sailing around the world at least once, and get to know how people are connected with technology.
Actually the goal is to get people closer to technology which can help them along in everyday life and not forcing them to be adicted to technology just like gamers are (e-sports).
It´s the things you don´t think about at using them, ´cause they are so easy to use but still very effective.

Another goal is it to have a life you are happy with when I reflect on it later.

So yeah...Today my morning started with waking up in my room and having some breakfast.
(I´m one of the lucky guys who found a room here in Enschede very quickly)

After that I got my bike to go to the university for the first time as a student.
It was kind of an awesome feeling....
The next period of my life is going to start right now, let´s see what it gets.

Thanks to the short campus guidings we had before I quickly found the correct room so I could wait for the beginning of the first lecture.
We spent this time by talking to our friends about the last weekend.

My first lecture was really inspiring what I really didn´t expect it to be in this way.
The lectures are given in a very different way to what you know from schools in Germany.
There is a great use of electronic things like presentations via beamer and the hole lecture is much more about the deeper sense of our identity and technology than you know it from school.
In school you just learn the way something should be done and in the lessons here at university we´re searching for why something is done like that and how it can be realized in an unconscious way (e.g. the combination of people´s mind and/or lifestyle and technology).
That was a pretty exciting feeling and suddenly there was a bunch of ideas in my head what we could do, to make life more fun and easier.
Actually I´m sitting here in the cafeteria in an at least pretty comfortable chair.
The first lecture is over, and the rest of the day is freetime, which I will probably use for grocery shopping.
My impressions on the first day of studying are kind of mixed.
At first I´m very hungry, ´cause I only had breakfast in the morning (now it is 16:48).
The next thing I feel kind of weird because I hope that I choose the right way for me and my future.
The thing which bothers me the most is actually the money.
The tuition is much more than in Germany (500€ per semester or even nothing, depends on the state->here in Enschede 1672€ for two semesters), I also have to pay a great bunch of rent for my room and the federal law on support in education is pretty slow in Germany, so I hope they pay not to late because otherwise I have no money to stay here:(
I just hope everything is working out well and I´ll get used to my new life;)
I´m really excited to go on with my studies!
I think I can learn there a lot for my life, not only for the subjects to be good creator but for me in personal (things like speaking in front of many people and give presentations and so on.
I always disliked things like that but with the help of the studies I´ll learn to think outside the box.
And that´s really great for my own development.

Ok that´s it so far.
For this moment my mind is empty right now and I need some food;)
So I hoped you liked it and you´re going to follow my blog.

Have a nice day.


Creative ideas!!!

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