Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Hello audience,
today is the third day of my studies.
Sorry that I didn´t texted something yesterday, but after a long day I was pretty tired.

Actually yesterday was a pretty great day.
We had Graphic Design for the first time and it was really interesting.
The professor talked with so much passion to us that it had a contagious effect on us.
We were all like....whaaa, we didn´t knew about that before, tell us more.
It was an awesome experience and I´m looking forward to the next class.

We had to bring pictures which mean a lot to us, then present the pictures to the others and just hear their opinions and feelings about it.
In order to this the professor told us about conscious and unconscious impressions we ged. Of course the number of unconscious impressions is so much higher than the conscious ones (11.000.000: 40).
And it was pretty interesting to hear what other people think about our pictures without knowing any backgroundinformation about it.

The picture on the left is the one I´ve chosen. The picture really means a lot to me. It already is some years old and it shows me and a friend at sailing a 420er. It´s a smaller version of the 470er, which is olympic. Actually the summer when the photo was taken was the best of my life. We spend every free minute we had together on sailing and enjoying the nature around us.

I really love sailing, ´cause you´re out in the nature, just a toy for water and wind. And it´s an amazing feeling to have the control over both of it and you can use it for your own benefit. That´s why nature and especially wind and water are so inspiring to me.
When I´m sailing I just feel free and I calm down from everyday life.
That´s why I chose this photo.

But after that day, with so many new impressions again, I was so tired I couldn´t add a new text in here.
So I do it now;) Hope that´s ok to you.

Today the lectures are already over.
We had Introduction to Computer Science and the only thing that happened was a little talk from our professor about what computer sience is all about and the only assignment was to create our wikicreate-page.
Actually I´m alreay done with that so the rest of the day is freetime.
I might use it to go to Ikea to get some more furniture for my room.

Actually I have not that much time, so I gotta bounce.
I´ll add another text in the evening.
Hope to see you again.

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