Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Welcome everybody, 
today we´re going to start filming for our interactive video.

Our main character is supposed to be a man working at a bank, who gets home in the late afternoon, or early evening after an hard, long working day.
So we meet at the central station at 17:30 and start filming at the ABN Amro.

As we promised there will be 3 modes to choose who you want to go home.

The first option is to go by bus. This will actually be the fastest and safest option.
You enter the bus, sit down, maybe listen to some music and you wait until you have to get off the bus.
Walk the rest home and that´s it.

The second option is to go by bike.
Of course this is the most dangerous way to choose. You take your bike after a long day at work, you´re annoyed by everything and just want to go home.
Maybe you already want to listen to some music during the ride so you turn it on. But the problem of listening to music is you eventually don´t hear horns of a car and you´re distracted a lot.
So there is the danger to get run over by a car and that´s the end.  Whether you´re dead or send in to an hospital for a long time if you´re lucky.

The third option actually is to go by foot.
That is way safer than taking the bike, but you still can become a victim of a robber.
You will have to choose between fighting the robber and give him you money and iPod voluntarily.
If you want to fight him you might get knocked down and all the money, iPod and stuff is gone aswell.
After some time you will wake up again and get home without all your stuff and you´re very angry due to that.

So I´m going to upload some short previews for you so you know what it will look like in the end.

So, see you later

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