Montag, 20. September 2010

Hey guys,
it´s 13:02 here in Enschede and it´s during the break between two classes of "we create identity".

Everybody sitting around here is eating and I´m using the time to put up a new post.

After the last different posts you read, which were all about projects or moods or only describing days,
I just decided to tell you guys more about me and my interests.

Think I didn´t mention ist but I like almost any kind of watersports. So there is included windsurfing, canoeing, skimboarding, swimming, sailing.
And after some time I became interested in building boards or boats.
I became interested in shapes and different materials in order to design and to built my own boards and boats.
Due to I had no chance to build a boat, I did design and build my own skimboard made of foam and glasfiber. It was a really dirty job but I´m glad I can tell you that it works very well. Way better than I expected it to do.
At least this is just one of my hobbies, doing technical things, like building surf- or skimboards, making broken things work again, get computers run again, what ever.

Beside this I also like just sitting in my room and listening to my music to relax.
For me this is actually the greatest thing to do after a long day of work. You come home, everything is going on your nerves, you get some food, turn on the music and just sink into the music and enjoy the guitar sounds and drums.

The next thing I really like is technical challenges and getting things run and surprising other people with it.
It is an awesome feeling to do something other people really like and what they can use with passion.
Great experience in my life.

Ok, now I´m running out of time. The next class is about starting but hold on.
I´ll continue tonight.

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