Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Hello people out there,
it´s about 9 PM and we just finished filming for our interactive video.

We changed the story a little bit. So our protagonist is not working at the bank anymore, but coming from another place in the Netherlands with the train.
He arrives at central train- and bus- station here in Enschede and from that point everything is as it was meant to be.

So today we were filming the second day; yesterday we did the walking part (and of course we forgot one scene...) and today we handled the cycling part.
Although some scenes were hard to do, I think we managed it pretty good and got nice useful material.
At least I hope so due to I didn´t see the material yet.
The hardest scene was the car crash, because.....we couldn´t find any volunteer to crash into our bike.

No, of course we just pretended to do so, but the timing part was actually not easy.
Whether I was too fast and Nick was too slow or right the other way round.
But in the end it started raining more and more so we had to hurry up
->we didn´t want the camera break!

After we quitted the scene at my place we got upstairs to my room and discussed how to go on the best.
Actually we have still a lot to do.
Choose all the songs were going to use (and the viewer can choose in the playlist), discuss the different perspectives we going to use at the bus ride filming, how to use some of our material the best way and where to fade out and stuff, but that is already the editing part.

Furthermore we watched a pretty amazing video which I got from a friend and I wanted share it with you guys aswell. It is a very good mix of a lot of different movie scenes cut together and it is excellent editing work.
I strongly recommend watching it:
So here is the link: -> Enjoy!

Finally we took Sharah to the station.
And now it was raining so hard I got wet to my skin in like 3 minutes.
I had to change all of my clothes when I was back home again.

Now I´m sitting at my "desk" aka. lunchtable, sharing my impressions of the day with you!

But now I have to see the material we got today.

Next time I promise to upload some short movie scenes. Of course without the interactual part;)

So everybody have a nice evening.
See you next time
-> remember the video uploads

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