Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

working on Graphic Design

Hey guys, I`m just working on the graphic design assignment.

We were given the assignment on Tuesday and it says we should take a picture and then cut some elements out, add another element or just change the elements.
But we need 3 copies with the same meaning, 3 copies where the meaning is changed and 3 copies, where there is no meaning at all.
So in the end we have 9 copies of the original, each one is changed in some elements.
After this you take sheet of paper, fold it so that you have 12 rectangles which are of equal size.

You take the picture in the horizontal format and in upper left corner you put in the unchanged original.
The column right next to it contains of the 3 changed copies which have the same meaning though.
The following column contains the 3 copies with the different meaning and the last column is filled with the 3 picture that have no meaning any more.

The idea behind that system is to figure out the correct meaning of a picture without asking the person who choose for background information.
So actually I´m pretty excited if this is gonna work.

At the moment it is quite hard to create all the different pictures in photoshop. I don´t have another option to do it due to a lack a printer^^
I didn´t get one yet.

It´s hard to erase the complete meaning. Changing elements so the meaning is the same is really easy in comparison to that. Changing elements in order to change the meaning is also easier.

The hardest thing is just to work on the picture with photoshop.
 I just found some new tools I didn´t know before and I don´t understand the way they work yet but I will figure that out.

I already did change some elements in a picture but after a while I didn´t know how to go on now and started all over again.

Although the professor said the pictures don´t have to be perfect in the end I give my best to make them looking real in the end just to improve my skills.

It really is a lot of work but our professor also told us so and in the end it´s gonna be worth it.
At least I hope so.

OK, I´ll go on with that assignment again.
See you later.

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