Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Hi guys,
here is the promised post.
Right now it is 20:39 and guess what....I went not to Ikea as I thought before I would -_-.
The broker was here instead.
Actually we have some things at our house which should be fixed so we were busy all day long.
The next thing was that my girlfriend got her own room and we had a walk there after dinner
(fries again-_-)
to have a look at it.
It´s a 16m2 room with its own bathroom. Pretty nice to spend there some month.
So I´ll have my room back soon just for myself so I can work more concentrated and at least have a better sleep;)

But sleeping in a quite new room is still something different than sleeping in a already known room any way. So I might still need some time to get used to it.

After this we went back to my house and I sat down to add that post for you.


My girlfriend startet talking to her mother (on Skype) and can´t concentrate any more....-_-
That´s why I said I´m happy to have my room for just myself;)

Tot ziens!

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